Monday, September 5, 2016

Celebrating Hispanics with Unstable Emotions and Eating

In celebration of Hispanic History Month I couldnt dream of a better way to celebrate than to eat, watch movies, eat while watching movies, and possibly wear boarderline racists outfits while eating at restaurants, underscoring my ignorance of Hispanic history, yet also making me look endearingly enthusiastic and eager to celebrate.

Now, I'm going to be very transparent with you here, I have only technically seen three of these films, but I am still impressed by that fact simply because I used to have far less time on my hands to watch Netflix so if I was willing to watch a foreign film during that down time, then that, by default, makes me a smarter and more interesting person. It does.

1. Biutiful

This movie was nominated for two Oscars. I actually did watch 10 minutes of it. The scary guy in "No Country for Old Men" is in it and it's probably good. And also sad. 

2. Entre Nos.

This film was inspired by a true story and is basically about how hard life is for illegal immigrants, single moms, minorities, and basically everyone else who isn't a white male. I essentially cried sporadically throughout the entire film and then especially at the end because of the whole children, poor people, minorities being shat upon thing. But techincally, it does have a happy ending and that's also why I cried.

3. Pan's Labrinth 

This is a scary film that, I think isn't exactly horror but...ok. It takes place five years after the Spanish Civil War and centers around the main character, a child, who doesn't exactly have the best home life and continues to enter through a portal into a fantasy reality of challenges and creatures.

It's frightening and visually stunning (I would caution that it was also violent--too much so for me but I was already too far in). I also sporadically cried through this film. 

4. Nostalgia for the Light

If you've every heard Sting's "They Dance Alone" and wept openly and you didn't even know why, don't even attempt to watch this film, which also made me cry through the entire thing.

This is a documentary about searching for life in the Cosmos and the lingering effects of Augusto Pinochet's dictatorship in Chile. 

Who even considers making that? Genius.

5. The Sea Inside

Ok I did actually watching this, but it was over probably a 3 day span. It's a true story and even though it was kind of super depressing I didn't cry. It's about euthenasia and I probably ended up not crying because he may have reminded me of an ex boyfriend.