Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My coworker Sarah makes fun of me because in every edition of Woman's Day there's a pet story that makes me cry. Then I call her a child-bully and elderly abuser and she laughs at me some more.

I adopted my dog Lilly 2 years ago and she has helped my elderly grandmother tremendously by providing company and entertainment. Lilly is very smart and I'm blessed to have her.

I've searched the internet and found animals who have saved their owners, cats who have warned owners about seizures, and animals that save other animals.

I would like to share the work of an artist who addresses both the elderly and animals: Isa Leshko photographs animals at the end of their life. 

When our cat of 21 years passed last year, he was buried in a child's coffin in our back yard. We did not put him down or get rid of him. He died in my Grandmother's bed. 

I respect and honor those who respect and honor the weak and those who cannot care for themselves. I also think there is a special courage and integrity in those people who don't slough off their pets because they are inconvenient or sick. We are a privileged country--we get the luxury of seeing animals as more than utilitarian or food. 

Isa Leshko will be at Candela Book and Gallery in Richmond, VA until July 21st.

Monday, July 2, 2012

This is How We Do It

Do it decent:

Bealls.com Ice N Slice tray provides a whimsical decoration to your beverages this summer for only $6.99 per 2 trays. Grab a coupon offer at www.retailmenot.com to get free shipping or percentages off and share with a friend.

Do it Ghetto:

Put the damn fruit on a plate and freeze it. I've been doing this with blueberries since before the dawn of time. It works and it looks just as good. 

Do it Decent:

This little fan plugs right into your computer's USB port. You can buy it for $8.99 at holmesproducts.com, along with other items that benefit the quality of your air. 

Do it Ghetto:

I don't understand the point of this unless you work in a call center and you're having hot flashes. If that's the case your coworkers will want to stab you if you bring this to work because they're loud as hell. Fold up a piece of paper and move on with your life.

Do it Right:

I've heard about The Container Store but never visited the web site until today. They sell containers and home stuff. I again don't really see the need, just like I don't see the need for Tupperware when you can buy the same thing at Walmart.

I guess it's a thing. Don't get me wrong, I like containers, but ordering it over the internet--not so much. However, I'm all for lunch bags since it's overtly ghetto to put your lunch in a Kroger bag (I do this from time to time when I'm too lazy to walk to the car and retrieve my lunch bag from the day prior) and they do have these great Packit Personal coolers that keep stuff extra cold because of built-in gel freezy things. They
offer them for $19.99:

Do it Ghetto:

I love the Delicious Rewards program from Lean Cuisine. You can purchase their meals ($1.98 at Walmart) and then enter codes to purchase prizes or contest entries. So far I have purchased 3 lunch bags, an apron, and 10 free music downloads. Now they have these great Lunchskin Skins--reusable lunch bags:

These are absolutely free as a part of the Delicious Rewards program. You don't even pay shipping and if you buy the meals anyway (which I do--and get them from Erik's mom as well) it's just a bunch of free, fantastic stuff. 

Ironically, this month's gift card entry is a $150 gift card to The Container Store.

Do it Right:

Slant Products sells barware and and glasses in interesting designs. This cup is $12:

Do it Ghetto:

I couldn't even entertain the idea of buying this since I got a BPA free cup at work as way to say "thanks" and "get your effing soda can the hell out of here." I'm not paying $12 for a cup unless I'm in line at an amusement park and it's 104 degrees in a two-hour long line. I know. These cups are lovely. That is rather ghetto of me.

Do it Right:

The Pocket Posh Guide to Great Home Video might actually be a worthy find for people who already have a concept of how to use a video camera and want to make things people will watch.

Do it Ghetto:

I think this video speaks for itself:

If you have a 500K home, beautiful children, and cosmetic surgery, buy this book. Otherwise throw back a couple and watch the viral happen. 

Do it Right:

These plates offered at www.crateandbarrel.com are $6.95 each. They are currently on sale for $3.50. Aren't they a lovely addition to your summer fish fry?

Do it Ghetto:

I feel sorry for people who have never been to the Dollar Store and actually think anyone cares about the plates when there's beer being served. Get a coupon for Chinet. Their cups have measurements for different types of alcohol which is functional, classy, and the inspiration for a song.

Do It Right:

If anyone understands the meaning of this, please explain it to me:

These are candy speakers and I don't get it. You pay $20 for a lollipop speaker? 

Do It Ghetto:

Ghetto has no equivalent. Buy a Ring Pop and make fart noises under your arm.

Do it Right:

I want to have children just so I can buy stuff from Tweak99.com without feeling wasteful. These dolphin clips for $4.99 help keep the towel from falling off the chair:

Do it Ghetto:

Why do we care if the towel falls off the chair? 

Do it Right:

These Jelly Belly silicone sno cup holders make great VBS prizes or treats for your own kids. You can buy them at Target--4 for $4.99:

Do it Ghetto:

I may actually buy these if I can find the recipe that successfully adds Bootlegger. You know how we do GIRL!

Do it Right:

Old Navy actually has good finds from time to time. These tops sold out on the site, probably due to the ad in Woman's Day, but I found $19 to still be a little pricey. They just put the pink medium on sale for $7.99:

Do it Ghetto:

I would rather have these from Victoria's Secret. You can find the absolute best steals out of season. These suede fringe boots were $139 and now they're $24.99:

Do it Right:

American Eagle Loop scarves--$19.50. Shipping and handling--Free.

Buying the same thing for $.50 more from someone who makes their own things on Etsy...

....not ghetto. 

Sunday, July 1, 2012

When I See You Standing

"Therefore I will praise you, Lord, among the nations; I will sing the praises of your Name." --Psalm 18:49

This scripture is from the mouth of King David--one of the most passionate if not THE most passionate Biblical character. He was full of glory and sin: annointed as a child, he demonstrated faith and boldness early as a teen, defeating Goliath and later on as king--as this passage underscores--escapes assassination time and time again. His knack for lust and pride are also clear. But if a guy ever could repent well, it was 'ol David. And boy, was he prolific. I used to joke to one of my professors that he was our first Biblical examples of bipolar disorder.

David loved the Lord and he was unashamed.

In quiet times, I remember my own anointing as a child and teenager and I wonder what I've lost and what simply needs a recovery. Thinking about the words "praise" and "name" I dusted off an old album I played over and over as a young teen.

I don't think I ever thought about the lyrics:

Every day I hear it evil is abroad
Making even children enemies of God
Yet somehow I always find above the crowd
Other voices pleading, crying truth aloud
And I don't know your name
But I think I see your face

I see you standing in the fire
Standing on the Word