Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My coworker Sarah makes fun of me because in every edition of Woman's Day there's a pet story that makes me cry. Then I call her a child-bully and elderly abuser and she laughs at me some more.

I adopted my dog Lilly 2 years ago and she has helped my elderly grandmother tremendously by providing company and entertainment. Lilly is very smart and I'm blessed to have her.

I've searched the internet and found animals who have saved their owners, cats who have warned owners about seizures, and animals that save other animals.

I would like to share the work of an artist who addresses both the elderly and animals: Isa Leshko photographs animals at the end of their life. 

When our cat of 21 years passed last year, he was buried in a child's coffin in our back yard. We did not put him down or get rid of him. He died in my Grandmother's bed. 

I respect and honor those who respect and honor the weak and those who cannot care for themselves. I also think there is a special courage and integrity in those people who don't slough off their pets because they are inconvenient or sick. We are a privileged country--we get the luxury of seeing animals as more than utilitarian or food. 

Isa Leshko will be at Candela Book and Gallery in Richmond, VA until July 21st.

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