Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Pickle Pucker

Some have a sweet tooth--I have a sour tooth. Technically you could say I have a salty tooth as well since I love raw oysters, anchovies, and olives, but today we're talking about one of my favorite sours--pickles.

While I'm not a big fan of bread and butter pickles, I do adore a good dill. Dill weed (I always wondered why Butthead called Beavis "Dill Weed") is a relative of parsley and caraway and like another favorite--cilantro--hails from the sunny Mediterranean regions. While my favorite grocer brand, Mt. Olive, offers Mexicana spears along with the average dill and Claussen is super garlicky, these brands have gone above and beyond and taken their cues from the cucumber.

But first enjoy this clip from one of my TV Land favorites--Andy Griffith.

Tyler Dubois and Justin Park were "pickled" to death when they discovered they had a knack for making artisan cukes. What started as a side project quickly accelerated into The Real Dill. The best farmer's market vendor in Denver Colorado is now available on Mouth--the best, most comprehensive handmade, artisan, indie food vendor on the web! 

I've enjoyed a variety of beer products including beer and bacon cupcakes, BBQ sauce, and salad dressing. This was my first beer pickle and it made me want to slap my pappy.

Truly a bread and butter pickle, pumpernickel ry-rys are inspired by a baked bean recipe with brown sugar and molasses. Backyard Brine offers a fun affordable selection of All-American pickles.

As a resident of Virginia, I adore all things native, including seafood. Although the proprietors of Epicpickle are landlocked, the Chesapeakle makes excellent use of Old Bay--only second to the specialty margaritas at one of my favorite local restaurants

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