Friday, February 20, 2015

Kit and Kaboodle: The Top DIY Gifts for Your Man

Do guys really want an expensive shaving kit? Is he really that concerned with the shine of the dress shoes he only wears twice a year?

Some kits are the pits, some are pretty super, and you may or may not have known they existed. Here are my top picks for kits:

Homemade Debauchee Kit

While the tools in this kit can be used in making wine and beer, if you've already perfected the art of an exact blend of  grapes and just the right hop combo for your brew, it's time to move on to another subdivision of drunkenness and beverage/food pairing. Strike up the grill this spring and serve a little saki with your stir-fry. Your friends will be impressed that you've learned a new skill and on birthdays and holidays you can pair it with a saki set for a unique, gift presentation.

(Sake Making Kit, Scountmob, $57)

Asian Gift Package

The Paranoid Prepper 

We all have those individuals in our lives that stick around to remind us of all the bad things that could possibly happen. The pessimists, the hypochondriac, the practical naysayers all do us a favor and yank our fluffy little heads right out of the clouds in order to lend us a hard dose of reality: bad things happen--often and in large quantities.

That's why the gift of preparation is so much better than a rash-causing sweater that reminds him of his weight gain or a gadget that, studies show, trigger premature balding and probably cancer.

Just add water! If you can still find water in the inevitable Apocalypse (courtesy of The Ready Store).

The Pyromaniac

Red Dragon torches are advertised as an environmentally healthy alternative to using pesticides in your garden.

What they don't advertise is how great a Red Dragon Kit can be when you want to see stuff explode. Some of their satisfied customers include Boeing and The City of New York. Can you say "conspiracy theory?" 

The Tech Guy

I'm not even sure what happens with this but I feel like it has something to do with building robots or being the Antichrist. If you pair it with the prior two gift guys, I think what you might have is a little roll playing game I like to call "Compound." Buy yours at the local Radio Shack before they go the way of the Blockbuster.

The Tree Man

I dated a Tree Man once. You can easily identify them as they always look kind of dirty, they always have some sort of hard labor job, and they take pride in loving the simpler things in life like shooting wildlife, drinking beer, and proving every aspect of their masculinity to everyone, all the time, every day while retaining the "good heart" that doesn't allow you to run screaming from the latest carcass they've dragged home (literally and figuratively).

These types of men love wood burning kits. You can search "wood burning" on Pinterest and observe any number of impressive projects. Your man will not provide one of these for added income but--if you're lucky--he won't burn anything into his own skin and he might present one of these on Valentine's Day. 

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