Friday, July 15, 2011

I was home schooled as a child. My single mother pulled me out of school after the first grade and made arrangements to set up a classroom for me at her job in Downtown Lynchburg. She worked as a secretary for a couple that framed artwork. This unique arrangement lasted through my eight grade year.

I remember the most about the things that didn't have a lot to do with my education. I remember I looked forward to the special days we would visit the man who sold hot dogs from his little silver cart. Here my childhood appreciation for variety began--I would often get my hot dog with sauerkraut. I remember the smell of the mildew in the ancient historic structure, the booklets of fashion models I would make out of customer feedback forms, and the cheese sandwiches and Cup-O-Soup we would have almost on a daily basis. Oh yes. And using Lava soap.

But what I really remember was the magazines.

Was it odd that a seven year old child was so interested in women's magazines? I had copies of Family Circle, Glamour, Woman's Day--front covers often displayed with immaculate cakes--usually themed for the month with sparklers and pumpkins and pink bunnies.

Back then I believe that I was attracted to the possibility of life as a wife and mother bringing the power of the ultimate woman to a home. Inside the pages the balance of being beautiful, well traveled, healthy, and hobby savvy were always available. In real life mom and I were limited since we were an incomplete family among boys and girls who had 2 parents and a middle class income. I think we all want to bring our children better than what we had although in reaching maturity (that's my way of saying I'm older now) I feel that the "ultimate woman" more closely resembles a single mother making unusual arrangements so her shy and quiet child doesn't have to be bullied at school.

But here we are in the present and several things have happened lately. One is that I received a subscription to Woman's Day for Christmas and the other is that I started a job that often leaves me to sit and read for extended periods of time.

Throw in ADHD and you've got this blog.

I was wondering what my life would be life if I used Woman's Day magazine as a guide for a year.

And instead of explaining how I will do that I will just show you.

I am supposing that it will be a lot like looking back on my elementary school education. I won't be able to explain the specific lessons but the experiences will stay with me for a life time.

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