Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ads: Lovender

I was reminded of a few lavender products I saw advertized in Woman's Day while shopping this evening. Honestly, I was really sad that the Glade Plug-In pine scent is seasonal. It's really heavenly walking through your home and smelling the forest. I can't think of anything better unless they develop a hot-dogs-on-the-grill scent.

But I'm going to give the lavender products a try. I saw a laundry detergent, dish detergent. I like to be uniform in my smells--kind of like matching your underwear.

There are a lot of benefits rumored around lavender. Mood enhancement, insomnia, digestive issues. It may or may not be true but I can tell you about some great opportunities in our area for a fantastic lavender experience:

1. Seven Oaks Lavender Farm (Catlett, VA)

You can pick your own lavender, take classes, buy products, and enjoy the views of the countryside.

2. Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery

Not far from Charlottesville, Hill Top Berry Farm and Winery serves both wine and mead. One of their most memorable selections is called "Lavender Metheglin" which is a lovely Celtic nod to the Welsh word "meddyglyn" meaning "healing drink." Hill Top recommends heating it for the holidays or pairing it with a yummy dessert.

3. Night Sky Farm Lavender Goat Cheese

Cheese is my favorite food in general and the distinctive flavor of goat cheese makes it one of my favorites. Night Sky Farm, located in Brookneal Virginia, offers a wide variety of flavors including lavender. We've enjoyed her Havarti cheese and I discovered that her homemade goat soap can be used on sensitive areas like the face and hands without drying the skin--I was amazed.

I am planning to visit Seven Oaks Farm in June with numbers 2 and 3 in tow. Maybe you'd like to join!


  1. "Spell check" Glade & face :)

    If I'm able.. I would like to go to the Lavender Farm w/you!!

  2. They're making Glad trash bad plug ins now--didn't you know?