Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Ruby Slippers and Space Shoes

I have never had a sense of style--I admit this. In order to put together a stylish outfit I usually have to ask for help or consult a magazine. The reasons for this are many. One, I never had to buy a lot of clothes as a teen because I wore a uniform, two, my mother and grandmother usually bought all my clothes, and three, all I really want to wear all the time are boot leg jeans, a wife beater, and either sneakers or boots. I would wear that outfit every day of my life. In fact, my roommate and best friend from Bible College can attest to the fact that I wore the same outfit once 3 days in a row. Pure awesomeness.

A fourth reason would be money. Clothes are expensive, let alone shoes and accessories. I would like to work on being stylish and trendy but I am lazy and poor.

I thought if I could hold on to a few key trends ever once in a while, I could slowly step into being trendy and "with it" (I'll also have to stop saying "with it").

Let me be clear though, that when I do choose fashion, I do not shy away from Hollywood flash and edgy trends. I also want to be clear that I love shoes and used to have over 100 pair when I was a shoe manager at Macy's. I found this web site through Woman's Day and I am amazed at the diversity of the shoes and the prices. Now, I went here looking for the little flats under $20 but I quickly became distracted by some of the more peculiar shoes that no one in my town would own (if I wanted to go out to a club again like last Friday and bruise my wrist and booty by falling down several times trying to dance in 5 inch heels).

Here are some of my favorites. You can buy all kind of patterns and colors that won't require a stunning ensemble--everyone will be looking at your shoes:

                                                              (Qoors Spike Heels $15)

                                                         (Bumble Bee Wooden Platforms $43)

                                                              (Neon Pink Space Shoes $32)

Now, I originally went there to check out their flats, which come in a variety of colors. I discovered that emerald greens, teals, oranges, and reds will be big for spring. You can get a jump start with a wide variety of flats (I found replicas at my preferred store, Belk for no less than $59-$80) less than $20.

I'm really excited about ordering. You can even get free shipping.

Now if I can only grasp what to wear with my new shoes...

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