Saturday, January 25, 2014

Pork and Polenta

The biggest difference between bone-in and regular cuts of pork will be the flavor and the juiciness of the meat. I buy my pork at a local market where the meat is all natural--free of additives and hormones. The flavor and texture are noticeably different.

This night's meal was supposed to be served with polenta, which is often mistaken as Spanish in origin. The concept of polenta, a corn based porridge, is thousands of years old and stems from Roman culture. Polenta was originally made with millet and spelt--grains found for bread-making in the Old Testament of the Bible. Corn was not introduced to Europe until 1650, therefore polenta was not made from corn until hundreds of years later.

So if you invite Goldilocks over for dinner, this may be the dish you'd like to serve. I don't care all that much for blonds, so I nixed the polenta for mashed potatoes.

Pork pairs well with a creamy chardonnay offering notes of crisp apple. I had the pleasure of visiting Ankida Ridge Winery last Christmas. Richard Leahy, author of “Beyond Jefferson’s Vines” writes…“If you want elegance and finesse in Virginia chardonnay, here’s one you don’t want to miss.” 

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