Saturday, October 29, 2011

Home--What's Shabby is Chic Again

Eddie Ross is a pro in the field of thinking outside the box--especially when that box is in the form of an antique cedar chest or vintage, lovingly worn chiffonier. According to Woman's Day, thinking outside the box is only one of the shopping secrets that lends to Ross's success. A few tips sound like racy dating advice: know what you want, time your efforts, and...measure twice?

I have no talent for seeing art in something worn and dated. I wish I did. Local resident, Stephanie Humphries, however, personifies a true knack (or perhaps in this case "knick knack") for making the shabby into something chic--she even named her business after the art.

In Woman's Day October issue we preview three pieces transformed into 21st century elegance--an ottoman, an elevated lamp, and an old mirror. In visiting Stephanie's shop, I wondered if she hadn't given 'ol Eddie a run for his money.

A few of my favorite pieces reflected the make-over's in the article and the other treasures I found were only true inspiration for gifts or compliments to an already fashionable home. A few of the items I hadn't photographed included a lamp that had been painted in blackboard paint--perfect for a child's room--and a pair of cameo and coral silhouette portraits, creatively mastered.

Here are a few of my favorite things:

Chair, painted and re-cushioned ($60)

Mirror, paint and decoupage ($75)

Chalk Board Lamps ($70 for the pair)

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