Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advertisement: Election Day, Veterans Day, Make Your Own Head Day

In light of Breast Cancer Awareness Month I decided to dig a little deeper into the Levi's ad I noticed in November's Edition of Woman's Day (I had never heard of "National Denim Day").

It's great to know that Levi's participates in raising money for breast cancer research and that they share details about where your donations go (especially since the recent Marie Clair article).

These thoughts, in the natural progression of ADHD, led me to research the other extraneous holidays that we could be celebrating this month:

National Aviation Month

What you can do to celebrate if...

1. You have the kind of money I will never see in my life:

Freedom Aviation will provide the lessons so that you may procure your pilot's license. If you're not feeling that froggy (or birdy, as the case may be) you may also be interested in their helicopter tours of the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smith Mountain Lake, or Lynchburg City for $350 an hour. You've seen the guys on Millionare Matchmaker do it--why not you?

2. You have the kind of money that partners itself with sheer insanity:

No Limits Sky Diving will gladly take your couple hundred dollars and throw you out of a plane, less than 100 miles from Lynchburg. Their drop zone (sounding very close to Stephen King's "The Dead Zone") is in Victoria, Virginia, a beautiful rural area better observed from the ground for people like myself who are terrified of heights.

3. You is po:

You can go to St. Steven's Church in Forest, VA and greet a parishioner who met Amelia Earheart. You'll hear a lovely sermon, there will more than likely be refreshments, and you may take a lovely photo. This is what I opted to do.

National Child Safety Month

What you can do to celebrate if...

1. You want to strap your child into a harness:

Get them involved in a sport that doesn't involve full body contact or competition and will make them seem way cooler to all the other second graders. Rise Up Climbing trains children as young as six and will patiently instruct them concerning safety, equipment, and climbing. It's an tremendous alternative to a gym membership because you're learning a skill that will also enable you to eventually join other groups for trips and excursions.

2. You want to strap your child into a harness:

The Monster Spider jump at River Ridge Mall is thankfully not just for children. This bungee trampoline is fun for adults too and I've never heard any horror stories about children getting injured (something you can't say about Crocs). Not a bad idea for a birthday or mother-daughter day, or losing-your-dignity-day.

3. You want to strap your child into a harness:

You can go to your local fire department to learn how to appropriately strap your child into their car seat. In my day, we sat on the arm rest in the middle of our family car that was completely constructed of steel and lead paint, but my understanding is, times have changed. We kept my friend's son off and on for a few years and that's when I learned it's also a great way to meet firemen. I don't know if they still do this or not, but they gave us a new car seat in exchange for our old one. Maybe it was just because I was totally passing out digits.

Good Nutrition Month

What to do to celebrate if...

1. You can't give up meat:

Learn about the concept of eating less and enjoying quality food, like organic-raised beef, pork, and chicken. Bedford Avenue Meat Shop offers a butcher service and a delivery service for orders over $30. They also offer local cheese and sides. Eating less meat and paying for quality meat is honestly a stellar path to good nutrition.

2. You really know nothing about good food:

Anywhere you live you can generally find local farms that are willing to show you where your food is grown, how it's grown, and how to maintain a healthy life style on a budget. Locally, Our Father's Farm provides a hand's-on approach to nutrition and organic farming. They also sell a number of products from eggs to Thanksgiving turkeys.

3. If you aren't scared of hippies:

Usually the owners of health food stores are just as valuable as their wares. I don't know the owner of Health Nut Nutrition, but I know his brother and he's definitely a hippy. A dirty hippy at that. But we love Charlie and I've heard stories about his brother, mostly good although some I probably shouldn't share in a public blog. A few years ago, my boyfriend learned that the cause of his sinus issues (nose bleeds and congestion) was a wheat allergy. People who own local health food stores (besides being hippies) are usually very educated, patient, and concerned people who have a passion for what they do. Another local example would be Vital Edge Nutritional Center. Megan is great, but don't drink the Bob Marley Tea unless you really do want to pass out.

International Drum Month

What to do to celebrate if...

1. You are open culturally:

If you want to remain in the city to learn about Monacan culture, take your child (or borrow one so you don't look like freak--it's what I do) to Amazement Square where you both may learn about their life and culture in the recreated village.

If you don't mind traveling out through the breath-taking countryside (currently underneath a tee-pee of autumn leaves) visit the Monacan Museum, Amherst County, Virginia. Here you will learn about their history and culture which of course includes the drums used in their dance and ceremonies.

2. If you are open religiously:

Whether you realize it or not, pagans are all around us. You may not agree with the practice, but it exists, probably closer to home than you imagine (and I won't even bring the history of Easter and Christmas into this). 

Drum circles are a fairly common occurrence in paganism, especially during the summer and winter solstices. During winter solstice there will be any number of drum circles as there are celebrations, festivals, and rituals. Personally, I have never involved myself in such a thing but I am never leery of learning about anyone's religion or the person. If you're not comfortable attending such a celebration, never hesitate to approach someone who doesn't, er, march to the tune of your drum!

3. If you are open to drunkenness:

And now we've come full (drum) circle. If you've never taken a wine tour, do. Some of the grooviest drum barrels in the area are Hickory Hill, Lovingston Winery, and Horton Vineyards. You don't beat these drums (maybe I should clarify "shouldn't") but you sure do enjoy what comes out of them. Think outside the wine box. 

Here's a list of special November days you may use as an excuse to do something different or illegal all conveniently linked to something to do in or around the area:

November 9th--Parade Day

November 11th--Veteran's Day

November 17th--Take a Hike Day
                       --Homemade Bread Day
                       --National Young Reader's Day

November 18th--Willam Tell Day

November 20th--Mexican Revolution Day

November 22nd--Stop the Violence Day

November 26th--National Cake Day

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  1. I can't believe I've never been to the Monacan Museum. I have wanted to go for so long!! We should do that together :) And... NATIONAL CAKE DAY?! :D