Tuesday, May 1, 2012


"As a mother comforts her child, so will I comfort you." Isaiah 66:13

In considering this blog and what comfort means to me, the first thoughts to manifest involved my bed. I realize some women take great pleasure in rising early and taking the day by the reigns: I am not one of them.

Therefore the word "comforter" takes on a very literal meaning for me. The solitude of the perfect sleep arrangements is almost an alleviating sensation. When the room is cool, the blankets just so, my television is on the right routine channel, set to sleep timer, with the fan on, the unpleasantries of my day drift away, allowing me to sleep peacefully.

I believe that God's grace and wisdom's guidance allows us to accept and discern a more comprehensive, mature idea about comfort as the years roll by. In this edition of Woman's Day I read about Dr. Oz's health advice,how to make more money, and the secrets of a happy marriage. There are deeper comforts as we mature through life's difficulties. They are similar to discovering joy is more valuable than happiness and peace more priceless than convenience.

The comfort I experience on the day after I control my appetite and refuse the sweets past 9 p.m. or the exhaustion after the 1 hour gym class or the relief in seeing I have put aside enough money for vacation this year exceeds the enjoyment of cool sheets and listening to Golden Girls as I drift off to sleep.

There is a greater comfort in the knowledge that, left to ourselves, we have the ability to make better choices--and therein lies a hope that produces a supernatural comfort.

I'm not a mother this Mother's day month but I am believing that I am giving birth to new life.

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  1. Love the desc of the room, w/fan-blankets-tv... sounds just perfect! :)