Monday, May 28, 2012

A Different Take on Meat and Potatoes

I love most foods. However, I am more of a Mediterranean eater: meat and comfort food are not my favorite. I  love light flavors like citrus, blueberries, nuts, and white cheeses. 

This recipe for steak and potatoes hit the spot and because we have the advantage of Bedford Avenue Meat Shop I was able to have the butcher on hand cut the steaks while I shopped for feta cheese. 

The steak was easily prepared in oil with salt and pepper. The potatoes are red which you boil then cut in half. The best way to cut a hot, red potato is to make sure you slice. Don't put pressure on the skin with the knife.

I am so pleased that Bedford Avenue Meat Shop now has the herb wall. We were able to buy the meat, fresh dill, and feta all in once place. The feta was not dry--it was extremely fresh and pungent.

Then you mix in vinegar and scallions. It's so simply and so delicious. I took the leftovers to the house the next day to share for our Mother's Day meal. 

I also enjoy pairing wines with foods (I'm a novice). For this meal we chose Hickory Hill's Cabernet Franc. The fruity oak paired well.

Eating with family and friends has become so much fun. Once the expectation is set for cost and clean up, you get used to it and it's not a big deal any longer. 

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