Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In the Know: Salsa--It's a Verb You Eat

One of deciding factors of where to eat Mexican food is the quality of the salsa. I prefer a little spice with visible chunks of vegetables and I have an affinity for cilantro.

But one of my favorite things to do with friends is have taste tests (i.e. a creative excuse to eat lots of different foods). I have done this at my friend Robin's house with Ben and Jerry's ice cream and we visited my friend Kim's house on Sunday to have a salsa taste test in light of the road test portion of Woman's Day's In the Know section. 

What you do is you choose a food then have a mini party centered around that food. Kim even made her own salsa to use as a comparison.

Woman's Day compared Tostitos Chunky Mild Sauce, Frontera Tomatillo Sauce, and D.L. Jardine's Pineapple Chipotle Salsa.

To keep it comparable, we compared our local Kroger Private Selction Restaurant Style Medium, Pace Salsa Verde (which was one of Kroger's wonderful Closeout Prices), and Mrs. Renfro's Peach Salsa.

Erik really preferred the salsa verde. Salsa verde is a pureed green sauce made of lime, cilantro, chilies, and other spices. It's great with pork (try pollo chorizo from Mi Patron) or salmon. I loved the idea of peach salsa because of the novelty and nutritional value of combining both fruit and vegetables. I think I would have to agree with Kim, however, that making your own salsa causes a prejudice.

 We spent another occasion making pineapple salsa. The advantage being, we were able to eat together without spending a lot of money and we had extra left over to jar and share with other friends.

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  1. I LOVE Salsa's!! I wish you would have told me about this! One of my fav store bought "jarred" salsa is Newman's Own Med Pineapple Salsa. It's perfect for a store bought! There is also a "fresh" salsa at Walmart in the produce section w/garlic that I love :)

    But my FAV salsa's have to be the homemade ones. This is a salsa I made w/tomatoes & jalapeno peppers from my garden one year:

    This is an AMAZING Guacamole Salsa that I am dying for you to try that I make:

    And of course the PEACH Salsa that you & I made at your gma's house:

    So... I want a DO OVER of a Salsa Party!! :)