Monday, May 28, 2012

Ulterior Votive

I am slowly training myself to look at one thing and see another. Generically, this training would apply to people, art work, philosophies, but in the most practical sense, the self-coaching has lead to a different experience at flea markets and yard sales.

 I am not naturally visual nor crafty. I am very envious of those who can see a piece of crap and turn in into something new and valuable. I've need a little direction. I'm thankful for crafts that are easy to make. But I did get a little creative on my latest endeavor.

My favorite flea market is Kemper Street Flea Market. It's huge, the prices are fair, and you can grab a soda and fried fish while you're shopping. I more or less need to know what I'm going for--a specific item--otherwise the quantity can be overwhelming.

Here is the inspiration picture from Jessica Constable:

I liked the idea of the tea cup so I found a $4 set at From Shabby to Chic in Forest, VA. A tea cup multitasks as place to hang your earrings, place your rings, and display smaller chokers or bracelets:

The necklace tree was the beginning of a challenge for me. I didn't want to buy one--they range anywhere from $15-$70. So I came across a hanging votive holder at the flea market for only $6. I took it home, threw away the candles, spray painted it white, and made it into my own display for necklaces and earrings:

Now instead of looking through a cluttered jewelry box I can walk into my bedroom and see all my accessories.

I really love the ability to by craft supplies and groceries that will go toward more than one thing. The spray pain I used was from my last month's craft:

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  1. I really want to check out that flea market!!