Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ads--I'm Lucy the Whale

I actually did know what krill was before I saw the ad in Woman's Day for the supplement. Somewhere between Sea World, Reading Rainbow and the present time I was able to retain it's what whales eat.

(At this point you can imagine a whale sitting in front of a television in a very Gary Larson sort of fashion, watching a commercial in which the tag line is,"Krill--it's what's for dinner.")

I am in my thirties and I'll be honest--I have no idea what my cholesterol level is or anything about cholesterol in general besides when I think of the word "cholesterol" I imagine it as this clear, fatty liquid going through your veins, much like I thought "guts" looked like those circular, tube-horn, Christmas ornaments you get at the dime store (I said "dime store." I'm old.) in December.

I started taking Krill oil on the first of August and this morning I did a very adult thing and called my doctor to schedule a cholesterol test.

Krill is a tiny shrimp and there are several benefits:

1. Omega-3 Fatty Acids

2. Astaxanthin

Omega-2 fatty acids, much like vitamins, cannot be produced by the body. They are anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting agents that also help to lower cholesterol and aid in lowering blood pressure. Other benefits include reducing the symptoms for a variety of other disorders and illnesses.

Astaxanthin is something I had not heard about. Astaxanthin is what gives some creatures their red coloring (think lobster) and unlike other antioxidants, cross the blood-brain barrier, lending free radical protection to the eyes, brain, and central nervous system.

I would encourage you to read the reviews on Web M.D. since I have not completed my research. The only thing I can tell you is that the inflammation issues that were still lingering inside my rib cage after a month of medication are completely gone at this point. This web site is a decent location for feedback since one particular brand of krill oil is not being endorsed. I am taking Schiff Mega Red. I won't be able to post any personal cholesterol info until I have a follow up at a later date.

But to give a brief summary, individuals who contributed to Web M.D.'s forum confessed to krill oil contributing to the ability go to completely off Lipitor (cholesterol medication), chronic pain disappearing after weeks, and a significant decrease in arthritis pain.

However, people with seafood allergies should steer clear and in one case it did cause a person to itch and have stomach problems (but take into account that the person with stomach issues had been diagnosed with IBS).

I am excited to have my cholesterol checked so I can experience the empowerment of better health habits. It will be exciting to share this knowledge with you folks who really need a natural solution to their aches and pains.

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