Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Live Well--Charity Loves Company

A fantastic way to enrich your life is through charity work. Here are a few things that empty nesters (or anyone else) can do to pass the time and touch the lives of others:

Go to Dinner

The Underground Supper Club Signature Chef Fundraiser October 22nd will be raising money for March of Dimes. Buying a ticket and attending is a fun way to meet new people, enjoy fine dining, and contribute to a wonderful charity. Inbox me for details.


There are several positive factors in becoming a CASA volunteer. The class is funded by the organization (it is
a 30-hour pre-service training course at C.V.C.C.) and counts as a credit and is an excellent introduction into the judicial system--especially if you're interested in entering law or social work. Volunteering for this particular charity is a commitment however, and should only be approached as such. Most of the cases will last for over a year.

Presbyterian Home

The Presbyterian Home offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including working with youth and disabled adults. Current volunteer positions include mentors, receptionists, and tutors.

Lynchburg Grows

If you're interested in sustainable food production, Lynchburg Grows is the place for you. If gardening and food are your forte Lynchburg Grows offers a wealth of service opportunities including weeding arugula gardens and feeding animals--all within the city limits.

Here are some other great web sites for volunteering all over the country:




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