Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Life--Dream On

"What really happens when we go to sleep, and what our dreams tell us..." --Woman's Day. Hallie Skylar

I have always been a vivid dreamer. The first dream I remember having when I was four years old was about me picking a humongous booger from my nose in our downstairs hallway and trying to hide it behind a cart.

Then when I was seven, I had a prophetic dream about my life that would play into my psychology much later. It's a great story but it takes a long time to tell.

In highschool, I would dream so vividly that I would wake up tired, feeling like I had been somewhere else. The dreams were so surreal that I could smell the outdoors and see details. Once I "visited" a place in Virginia I had never heard of. When I woke up I looked it up on Google and found it was indeed a real place. I plan to visit there someday. The town is called Pennington Gap.

In August's Woman's Day there is an article about how and why you dream. There are six common dreams (falling, naked, teeth falling out...maybe all three at once if you have more than a few issues...).

After my brother died I had several dreams about my teeth falling out. It was a time in my life I felt powerless and more than that, angry. That other people commonly have this dream experience is just a reminder of how much we really share in common despite our variety of lifestyles or values.

I do believe dreams tell us about our subconscious or sometimes emotions we bury or strive to ignore.

I have learned that it is important to face your feelings and talk about them to the extent that you are able to. The two hardest emotions that I feel are the most difficult to discuss are fear and shame.

One thing I have never done, however, is catalog. Well...not NEVER. I had a dream catalog when I was thirteen. I will share some of those later.

This month when I remember my dreams I will post them on facebook and tag anyone who I has been included in my dreams.

Maybe we can sort out the psyche together.

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